Executive Program and Membership

CEO Boardroom offers several levels of membership and participation.  CEO Boardroom also hosts exclusive members-only and member-guest events for CEO’s throughout the year by invitation only.

CEO Boardroom is focused on building and deepening relationships between CEOs and their CEO clients.  CEO Boardroom Events range from moderated, private luncheons with CEOs in your peer group to exclusive evening events and CEO-ONLY business education events that allow for quality time with fellow CEOs, and their best CEO prospects and clients.

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Offering Membership by Invitation Only

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The Boardroom Executive Program

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As a busy, chief executive, you experience and know first hand, the responsibilities of leading your company while also engaging in activities and real expenditures of resources to retain your top client relationships. Juggling and maintaining priority with referral sources, while also helping to reign in and close top prospects has grown more competitive and less forgiving in today’s marketplace.

More and more events and invitations fill your calendar without certain delivery of meaningful, relevant introductions, connections and measurable new business.

The 2 M’s of CEO Boardroom

The Boardroom Executive Program was established specifically to address these issues, built around two time-tested, crucial pillars of business “best practices.”