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CEO Boardroom’s Women Executives in GovCon Forum

CEO Boardroom’s Women Executives in GovCon Forum

Women executives in GovCons are their company’s rising stars.  More than ever, they need a private setting where they can connect with their peers, learn, and gain insights that drive revenue growth.

Our Women Executives in GovCon Forum gives our female execs a dedicated platform to make connections, engage with potential teaming partners, and learn from mentor execs who have built great government contracting firms.

Our Women Executives in GovCon Forum is part of the CEO Boardroom GovCon Exchange™.  As Washington DC’s only established, vibrant, strategic, invitation-only network of GovCon CEOs and senior executives, we provide:

  • Mentorship from GovCon CEOs who have built, grown, and sold businesses.
  • A safe environment to find teaming opportunities that grow revenue.
  • Access to market intelligence, counsel, and feedback from member CEOs and Partners.
  • The region’s only CEO problem-solving forum focused solely on public sector contractors.
  • Great experiences featuring exceptional food and fine wines at exclusive five-star venues.

Our Venue: 2941 Restaurant

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Next event: May 4 at 2941
6pm to 9:30pm

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