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CEO Boardroom orchestrates exclusive events at luxury venues, designed specifically for CEOs and industry leaders to connect, inspire, and foster strategic alliances. Our gatherings are curated to provide an unparalleled environment for executive connections and idea exchange among visionaries driving business innovation

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We are a private membership and speak directly with you to learn more about each other and how we work. Please click on the link to schedule a call.

Seats are offered by invitation only and limited to one guest CEO per company per year. Please click on the link below to schedule a call.

Two types of events: Main events: open to guests and the entire organization. These events offer guest speakers from successful current and former midsize and large companies on a variety of topics that facilitate growth. Forum events: open to members only by company size. Moderated collaborative roundtable discussions where members bring topics/issues they want to white board and resolve.

Access to a growing private network of vetted CEOs of small to midsize GovCon companies for personal introductions, teaming to win contracts., collaboration and mentorship. Members have dedicated time at each event to make connections and develop relationships. Additionally, members have access to a private secure web portal to access our entire network to search and connect with our national network of CEOs of GovCon companies. Tools to make you a better leader, learn and see how to scale and grow your company.