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CEO Boardroom’s™ Steven Abramowitz named one of Ten Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021 by CIO Views.

From the article: “Washington did not have a safe haven just for CEOs and Founders to connect, align and grow together within the backdrop of first-class venues such as leading restaurants and luxury boxes. This concept was unheard of in the business world. Steven advised CEOs and Entrepreneurs for 22 years and finally decided to become one to create this safe haven – a place to have some downtime while you still accomplish your business goals.” Read the full article.

Steve Abramowitz named one of the 10 Best CEOs of 2021 by Industry Era magazine.

Steve is quoted as saying: “CEOs don’t have vetted, intimate places to receive what we offer. We are poised to reach them and grow to accommodate their demand.” Read the full article.