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VIP Events Partner Program

The best and brightest CEOs gather at our VIP events.  Held throughout the year at high-end venues, our members and partners come together as equals to enjoy fine dining at up-scale restaurants, private boxes for thrilling playoff games or opening day at Nationals Park, exclusive events with legendary speakers like Steven Covey, and luxury suites for world-renown musicians like Paul McCartney.

Our partner program is a tremendous opportunity for corporate leaders to build C-level relationships in a relaxed, luxurious environment.  

Develop meaningful, long-term relationships with CEOs of companies that are established and growing.

Experience exciting sporting events from comfortable, fully-stocked private luxury boxes.

Enjoy the finest wine and cuisine with leading CEOs in relaxed, exclusive, five-star venues.

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Seth Berenzweig

Founding and Managing Partner, Berenzweig Leonard

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Seth Berenzweig is a founding and managing partner of Berenzweig Leonard, LLP. He has extensive corporate and litigation experience, and handles transactional and business matters for owners, executives, entrepreneurs and media analysts in the Washington, D.C. region and nationally. He appears in the national media to discuss business, technology and compliance matters, and is a frequent guest on national television discussing breaking news and cases involving technology, white collar cases and business issues. He also works with federal government contractors to help them implement best practices for mergers and acquisitions. His litigation experience includes using creative legal strategies to help businesses apprehend individuals who commit fraudulent online activity. He also participates in panels discussing the evolving legal landscapes regarding data protection and cyber security.

Thomas H. Clark

Managing Director, Clark Financial Consulting Group

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Tom is the Managing Director of the Clark Financial Consulting Group at Wells Fargo Advisors where he leads the allocation and investment strategy for the team. He has an extensive background in Investment Management Research having attended the Consulting Group Graduate School at E.F. Hutton & Company. Tom was also one of the founders of the Investment Management Consultant Associate (IMCA). The IMCA was developed to set standards for Investment Advisor accreditation, exchange of information and development of continued education. Today, the IMCA has become the Investments and Wealth Institute with over 14,000 active members. Tom was elected to Dalbar’s Who’s Who of Investment Management Consulting. Dalbar, a Boston-based market research firm, is the only firm which has been granted permission by the SEC to create a client-driven service rating without violating SEC rules at the time of his nomination. Tom is passionate about investments and the need to establish constructive, educational and proactive communication and relationships with their clients.

Rich DiPippo

Partner, NFP The Meltzer Group

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I work with business owners, key executives, and families to help clarify their objectives and take action.

While helping thousands of people over the years, I developed an integrated approach to financial success – much like the strategy and tactics a champion quarterback utilizes to win the game!

My successful team includes hand-picked attorneys, CPAs, and wealth management advisors.